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Round news
Fri May 17 19:06:22 2013

So another round has come and gone. The top lists should be up by Sunday.

We will not have a speed round this time, but rather start another regular round on Tuesday 21 May. We may have some unit changes if we can get them in, in time. The round will run approximately one month.

Any questions please feel free to ask me or any of the other admin/crew.

Happy Gaming

Rhonda, Rick and the Crew!
Sun Jan 13 01:28:57 2013

When this regular rounds is over and top lists are posted, you will have until Thursday 17 Jan 1700 DFT to lower your brigade number to 8 (Eight) members. This is being done to make more brigades for warring.

Thursday 17 Jan 1700 DFT we will begin a speed round. Which will run until Sunday 20 Jan.

Regular round will begin 25 January and run 1 month until 24th February.


Happy Gaming,

LadyWoC and Inm
Power outage
Sat Dec 22 11:05:00 2012

There was a Power outage today between 11-12 DFT. UPS kept the servers up for about half an hour before safe shutdown. Everything should be back to normal now.
Announcement of prizes for the upcoming round
Fri Nov 30 05:59:48 2012

We have had a player who has generously donated prizes for the upcoming round that begins Nov 30, 2012. The prizes and their definitions are as follows:

1) The Fearless Platoon -25$ Gift certificate (Vanilla MasterCard/Visa/Equal value)
2) The Restless Platoon -25$ Gift certificate (Vanilla MasterCard/Visa/Equal value)
3) The One Man Army -25$ Gift certificate (Vanilla MasterCard/Visa/Equal value)
4) The Turtle -25$ Gift certificate (Vanilla MasterCard/Visa/Equal value)
5) The Savior -25$ Gift certificate (Vanilla MasterCard/Visa/Equal value)
6) The Dictator -25$ Gift certificate (Vanilla MasterCard/Visa/Equal value)

In addition to the current prize of a df5 T-shirt for the Winner of Platoon NW.

1)First Platoon to 1 Million NW - For the duration of 72 hours. -
(IF no successful attempt is made, the prize will be carried on and DOUBLED for next round)

***Immediate screenshot of main page sent to ladywoc admin account as well as
ProNooB (#19455) Your "Attempt" is valid until another platoon manages to PASS you in NW, Only then does your attempt become void,
then giving them the start @ their 72 hr attempt. The last day a screen shot will be accepted is Jan 10, 2013
(Platoon Passing current "record holder" must take a screen shot of toplist as well, showing they did, in fact. pass the previous leader)

2)Platoon who has the most attacks ON December 25 @ 04:20 df5 time.(From start of round) . tie breaker = platoon who has took more defends.

3)Platoon with most points at end of round( The One Man Army) -

4)Most defends WON (The Turtle) - December 25 04:20 server time

5)Also "Mystery Prize" to be announced at the end of the round.

6)The Platoon who causes the most deaths by the end of the round(Most Kills).

Gift Certificates/Contest Idea's donated by

ProNooB (#19455) on behalf of Mortal Kombat (#6702)

The only input that the admins of this game will have is providing information at the end of the round. All winners will be responsible for getting in touch with Pronoob for prize redemption.
DefCon5 Game News

Timing for this round
Wed Dec 27 13:02:10 2017

You will receive cash every hour, a turn every 12th minute, 5% stamina every 20th minute. When you die, you're dead for 18h then in Raid-Shelter for another 18h.

Good Luck!
Tue Dec 19 20:37:15 2017

Seems word got out quick, and so many returned this game after a many year break. Welcome back! I hope you all are well an if somebody wants to be brave and start a thread in the forum regarding what you have been up to , did you graduate high school? University? Get married? have kids? Climb mt Everest or the great wall of china? Im curious as to what you have been up too.

Also, we have a facebook page. Called Defcon 5. Come join the group and get reacquainted with your old friends and make some new ones

2017: Not really sure why, ...
Sat Nov 25 14:55:57 2017

... but we'll fix the programming flaws and get something really unserious running.

Plan: Sort out the progamming over the next few days (Mon-Tue) TODAY!, run short test-round asap, fix more bugs, start something longer in about a week or two.

Administering the game will probably be at a minimum.
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